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Sleepover Price List

An initial evaluation is required for all new daycare and boarding dogs. An evaluation fee of $22 applies in addition to the daycare fee on the evaluation day.


Daycare rates apply in addition to sleepover rates.

$27 per regular weeknight, plus a day of daycare (package day or pay-by-day)

$40 per night during a holiday period, plus a day of daycare (package day or pay-by-day).
Holiday rate applies on the following dates for 2024:


Friday, March 29th - Sunday, March 31st 

Memorial Day

Friday, May 24th - Monday, May 27th

Independance Day

Wednesday, July 3rd - Saturday, July 6th

Labor Day

Friday, Aug. 30th - Monday, Sept. 2nd


Wednesday, Nov. 27th - Saturday, Nov. 30th


Monday, Dec. 23rd - Thursday, Dec. 26th

New Year's

Tuesday, Dec. 31st - Wednesday, Jan. 1st


CLOSED MON-FRI FROM 11:30am-1:30pm 

Regular Weekdays
Drop offs required anytime between 7am-10am


  • Boarding pick ups by 10am will not incur a daycare charge for that day. 

  • Boarding pick ups between 10am-11:30 will incur a half day charge for daycare. Pick ups after naptime will incur a full day of daycare charge (or package day).

Weekend & Holiday  
Sat-Sun and most Holidays, drop offs are required between 9am-12pm. Please note there are no drop offs or pick ups on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.


  • Boarding pick ups between 9am-12pm will not incur a daycare charge for that day. 

  • Boarding pick ups after 12pm up to 5pm will incur a full day of daycare charge (or package day).​

Drop offs or pick ups are not allowed during these two hours on weekdays. Our doors are closed to the public during this time so the daycare pups can get some much needed rest.


Naptime is important for the dogs' health and well-being.  We have dedicated down time to help prevent overly tired pups which could compromise their immune systems and effect their behavior. It is also good for dogs to have rest time to prevent over stimulation that could lead to anxiousness and potential squabbles.

For your convenience, there is NOT a designated naptime closure on weekends or holidays.


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